Mar 12, 2007

Going Insane

Scribbled by Angelina

I think I am going insane =.=" This time the sadness and anger in me is so strong that it makes me feel like throwing up. It's like eating me up from the inside. And it's like nothing can cure it. I don't have the mood to do anything but just stare blankly into space. I feel angry everytime I do anything, even taking up the romote control, picking up my book, or even walking upstairs for a shower. The anger in me will never leave.

Oh and guess what I dreamt of when I was taking a nap this afternoon? I dreamt of the ghosts of my dead relatives. They were semi-transparent and were looking at me full of hatred, and I could even feel the anger in the atmosphere. Woke up with my heart pumping harder than ever (I wasn't even afraid), blood rushing through my every vein at top speed. Okay, maybe it isn't the dream, maybe it was the throbbing pain in my head, getting worse by the days.

I really don't know what's happening to me. Stress? Nah... Exams are over and it's a school holiday. Worry? Lol? Nothing for me to worry about. Loneliness? Hmm, maybe it is a little lonely here alone at home but I don't think it will cause all these -_- Asked myself loads of questions without an answer to what's happening to me.

Dying soon =.="

~ Angelina