Apr 20, 2007

Some Random Post

Scribbled by Angelina

Ah, what's better to do on a Friday evening that to blog? =)

Dang, I think I'm falling sick again. Coughing like mad and with a bad sorethroat, my backbone hurts and I don't know why, my neck is creaking like I've never turned it for centuries, and I sense a fever coming. What has happened to me? I wasn't so weak before, in fact I only fall sick like once a year at the very most. It's like my body gave up on life and don't care about defending anything anymore. Who got chicken pox can pass to me, pwease? o_o I haven't got it, so I need to get it and since my body is so weak now, I can get it easily =P

@_@ OMG xD I think I'm gonna put on loads of weight if I continue to eat like that. I cannot stand the hunger till I have to resort to eating even in class. Okay, maybe that's a habit ._. But seriously! I get hungry ever so often. What the hell is happening to me? =S I'm already 49kg lar.. Stop adding on it >_<

There are some mini aims I've set for myself, but I don't have a strong will, so yeah..

1. Get as far as I can away from my laptop.
2. Complete all my homework.
3. Listen to the lessons in class and stop daydreaming.
4. Start studying for my mid-year exams.
5. Exercise to lose some weight.
6. Wear my retainers.

o_o Lol. Impossible to do, huh? XD

Oh yea, I was wondering if I should take like 14 or 15 subjects for my SPM? @_@ Or just stick to 12? Actually, anyone could take that amount of subjects and score straight 1A's if they really want to. But the thing is, why suffer? I don't think I'm gonna waste my teenagerhood for a few days of satisfaction and a few years of free studies. And I don't wanna take Chinese so that leaves me with only 11 subjects o_o Aiyah, cukup lah xD Not like I'm gonna study anyway.

Okie, gotta go for my dinner! Adios people =]

~ Angelina