May 2, 2007

Ghost Online :P

Scribbled by Angelina

LOL, it has been a long time since I've logged in Ghost Online, I was only level 17 that time xD And so I logged in and started botting (SORWEE LEGITS!! >_<), and got to level 56 in only one day. When I was quest-ing, something really funny happened. You see, a guild needs a number of players to be online before they can start a guild war. So: Player 1: angelina Player 1: wan join guild? Me: anything Player 1: ok Player 1: change to chn 9 now i recruit u (Why must I change? Weird system..) Me: k *changes channel* Player 1: *changes channel* Player 1: k apply now Player 1: u know how to apply right? Me: ya Player 1: k Player 1: can go back now I was level 45 at that point, but I was using a level 10 weapon and a level 10 armour xD And so this happened: [ Announcement ] ELITES has started a guild war against aLLsTaRs Player 2: omg level 10!! Player 2: hp 100 oni! Player 3: OMG Player 3: take her go hide Player 3: fast Player 4: hide where? Player 4: nvm follow me Player 2: change chn Player 3: go 9 Player 3: go 9! [ Announcement ] Guild War between ELITES and aLLsTaRs has begun! Player 2: omg change now Player 2: quick Me: ok *changes channel* -- After a few seconds... -- [ Announcement ] ELITES has won the Guild War as aLLsTaRs has too little members online. Me: *changes to the previous channel and starts botting* -- After a few hours... -- Player 4: you have helped our guild by filling a slot Player 4: thank you very much Player 4: how may i reward u Me: *Thinks: Z0MFG O_O ALIEN!!* no need la <-- See I so good ><
Player 4: you can choose
Player 4: 500k or 10 levels
Me: *eyes grow big* 10 levels?
Player 4: yes
Player 4: you can just stand there and leech
Player 4: what level are you
Me: 49
Player 4: *asked about skills and stuff and asked me to remake my char but changed his mind*
Player 4: so what do u want?
Me: 10 levels (so thick skin :P)
Player 4: k
Player 4: i lvl u when my mage reach lvl 80
Player 4: 3 more lvls
Me: k
Player 4: keep in touch
Me: cya
Player 4: if u have anything cannot find me
Player 4: ask my guild members
Me: k cya
Player 4: bye
Player 4: :)
Me: bye

-- After half an hour... --
[ Announcement ] You have left the guild.

KICKED ME!! WTF!! LOL XD *sigh* I thought got 10 free levels =/ Muahahaha, see I act cool :P Don't think he reached level 80 yet anyway, there was a patch just now and everything isn't working. But I found the godmode address xD *YAY*

Gotta go do my Moral project. Laterz~

~ Angelina