May 16, 2007

I don't get her...

Scribbled by Angelina

I know, I know, STUDY! But blogging is also important, right? Cause I wanna express my "beh-songness".

*Sigh* My mum is making me si beh beh song again. I know, you're saying I should respect her more. I also know lar. But some times really cannot stand also must express out mar.

So anyway, back to topic. I really don't know why she reaaaaaaally likes to nag on me. If it's for a normal reason, I don't mind. But for stupid reasons, my blood really can boil. As you all know, I like to sleep in the living room, and she asked me not to put my blanket on the floor cause there are millipedes roaming around. So I was sleeping on this air bed, sleeping surely roll here roll there, right? So of course my blanket fall to the floor lar! And guess what? She came down the next morning and nagged at me when I was still sleeping! "Angel ar! How many times must I tell you not to put your blanket on the floor? I told you already there are millipedes crawling all around you still don't want to listen. Next time you smash a millipede all over your blanket I'm not gonna wash it for you. Really don't know how I must say only you will listen..." What the...? If I knew it was on the floor, would I risk a millipede crawling up my thighs? AS IF I LOVE MILLIPEDES! Like that also nag, really ASS, DOUBLE-U, TEE - SWT!

Then there was yesterday. There was a black out in the whole area for 2 whole hours and I cannot sleep cause the mosquitoes were poking me all over, so felt my way to her room. It was pitch-black. She was awake too because of the heat.

Me: Mi, very hot leh, how?
Mum: Mm.
Me: =.=" Wei ar, I said very hot ar, how?
Mum: Hot then hot lar, what to do?
Me: I go sleep in the car ar?
Mum: Cannot sleep in the car lar.
Me: Why cannot? =.="
Mum: *no answer*
Me: *faces the window and sulks*
Mum: Go take a cold bath lar.
Me: Err.. It's pitch-black? How you want me to take bath like that?
Mum: *no answer*
Me: *continues sulking*
Mum: Go take a cold bath lar.
Me: For the second time, it's PITCH-BLACK! And there's not electricity to pump the water also, no water bath what bath?
Mum: *no answer*
Me: *mumbles and takes the car keys to start the car*

She did not say anything anyway. So there I went. I locked the house door after going out and started the engine. Just as I lowered the car seat to have a nice long sleep, *POOF* the lights came on. I was like... what the f*** =.=" So I went inside the house, barely had enough time to sleep, so I studied Physics. Slept awhile after that.

Things went normal after that, and I flunked my Physics test. So I went back and my mum asked me how it was. I complained that the teacher sucks, which is why I did badly. She can't even speak proper English and uses BM to teach part of it, and she NEVER finishes her sentences. I bet more than 3 quarters of the class students have totally NO idea of what she's talking about.

So I asked her if I could get a Physics tutor. And guess what? She blamed me for not studying hard enough! For your information, she, for some reasons that I don't know, doesn't like the idea of me being tutored -.- I haven't attend any tuition before, because she doesn't allow me to. Then I had this few minute lecture about how I had to choose my own life, how I had to work hard to score every single paper, how she won't make any decisions for me anymore cause she doesn't care cause it's my life and not hers, and how she can get an extra RM100,000 to spend from my education insurance if I didn't make it to university.


And all I asked for is a tutor. If I don't want to work hard, would I ask for a tutor? Isn't that my decision? Isn't that choosing my own life? Then she CHOSE my life for me by asking me to study harder and ask OTHER teachers about stuff I still don't get. I seriously don't get her.


~ Angelina