May 20, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

As I see others' achievements in life, I feel that I have wasted 99.9% of my life. People publish books at young ages with tonnes of words that I can't even pronounce and don't even know that it exists; some score well in every single subject; some are just discipline and hardworking and many more to list. And I did not achieve even ONE of them in my sixteen years, three months, twenty days, twenty-three hours, twenty-five minutes and five seconds of life. Sad, isn't it?

Are they just special or am I just useless? I guess it's the latter. Everyone starts life at the same stage, yet their achievements have a vast difference. Some become sampah masyarakat, others soar to the top of the billionaires' list.

And me?

Where do I stand? Of course at the TOP of the list! *Counted from the bottom up* Yeah, that's me. But why? People have ambitions and work towards it. I don't even have a "valid" ambition. Going to Mars isn't one. And don't get started on quotes like "nothing is impossible". I mean, if NASA was to send anyone to space, wouldn't they choose Americans first? Why in the world would they give priority to a Malaysian (especially after Tun Dr. Mahathir criticized them), when they have a huge list of potential astronomers to choose from?

My biggest dream is near impossible, or even impossible. My second dream? I just want to be someone that has something to do with computers and internet. Perhaps a full time online entrepreneur? I can't even get my blog publicized, I'll starve to death that way, lol. Maybe I'll think of something after wasting another few years of my life.

Did you realize something? There isn't any superextremehyperunpronouncable long words in there. And superextremehyperunpronouncable isn't counted.

~ Angelina