Feb 8, 2007

And so she starts...

Scribbled by Angelina

Well, well.

Proudly announces: This is my... *counts* Erm.. FOURTH! No, wait.. FIFTH BLOG! xD

Welcome, welcome. Welcome to the boring life of a teenage nobody.

- End of welcome message -

SO! Since my life revolves only around my school and home, I shall only blog about the one with more activities going on - school.

Today, as usual, I was late for school xD All the students were already at the 'tapak perhimpunan', sitting quietly and looking at their books [ Note: Not reading, LOOKING. ]. Everything was fine the whole morning, passed up my karangan book *YAY*, then got the news that Puan Ku wasn't going to enter the class *YAY*, and then it was the Physics lesson *Booo..*. Went into the lab and stared blankly at the teacher almost the whole time -_- Don't even have a clue on what she's talking about. I like her cause of her lenient-ness, but I.HATE.HER.TEACHING. And so I decided that I would go for recess early to avoid dozing off xD

Recess. Nothing much, the evil guy wasn't being evil anymore, though I didn't do as he said xD He gotta tegur those students himself, muahahahaha! Okay, okay. Stop calling me the evil one >_<

Yay! Late for English lesson! Pavithra was getting worried about what the teacher with the radioactive vision would say when we get in. And so, we arrived - 10 minutes late! :D Standing at the back door, with the looks that could reduce you to a pile of dust, was Puan Normala. I swear that even a psychic couldn't predict what is she thinking -_-

Nothing really interesting happened after that. All I did was slept for a couple of minutes after the History teacher finished her lesson and gave us exercises to complete. AND THEN, came Biology. Man, I USED to like this teacher when I was in Form 1, so do my other friends. This year, Puan Amara'H' changed. We-hate-her.

As usual, we had to wait for her for more than 10 minutes OUTSIDE the lab, pressing ourselves against the walls as we make way for classes of students to pass. Then, she arrived. Lucky for us, we don't have to listen to her why-I-was-late speech again. Just when we thought we were lucky enough to escape her speeches for today - there she goes again. Five minutes and twenty-eight seconds of lecture just because we did not paste the handouts in our exercise books. And what does she mean when she said we must be perfect in everything we do? Nobody is perfect. Nor is she.

We have 4 periods of Biology every week. At least 1-2 periods are 'converted' to Speechology period. Kewl. Less Bio = more fun.


~ Angelina >3