Feb 11, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Sheesh. As if almost 2 years of bracers isn't enough. Now I got to wear retainers! And I can hardly close my mouth with that thing on >_<

Lol, added a pair of huge eyes and a rudolph nose too :P Don't want people to see me xD Sooo.. It isn't that obvious, right? It's like a layer of plastic or fiber optic material shaped exactly like my teeth. Aaaaaah.. I can't smile with my mouth CLOSED! My God ._. And I have to wear this for 2 and a half years, which means I will be 18 by then. I just found another good point of it, it kinda makes my teeth look like they're shinning :D Kewl!

Guess what? I just that I started playing the lamest 3D game ever. Like, the ONLY 3D game which requires only 64MB of RAM. Anyway, it's called Scions of Fate. Warning: Do Not Play.

WTFZOMFG!!!!11!! I DIDN'T GET THE GRANADO ESPADA CLOSED BETA INVITATION!!! It's out since 10th of Feb and I still haven't got it. Nuuuuu.. But I'll register again, their reopnening it. I'M COMIN' GRANADO!!! JOO MUST WAIT!!! =X

Aaaaah, homeworks homeworks. Gotta catch up with them T_T Ciaoz people.

DoDo gurl signs off~

~ Angelina =3