Feb 21, 2007

Genting Trip!

Scribbled by Angelina

Woohoo! Back from Genting Highlands! I would say I feel kinda relieved @_@ There's only one word I can use to describe this trip - BORING! Most of the time, we were eating and sleeping. And when my parents went to the casino with my ang pao money (WTFZOMG?! O_O), I was forced to sit at the internet cafe for 3 whole hours! But meh, would rather sit there than go back to the hotel room and study. *If I may add: My parents are not at all addicted to gambling or whatsoever, they were just having a little new year fun xD* They lost all my money.. *AAAAaaaa..* As the Chinese would say, so suey.

2nd day of the trip! Went for my buffet breakfast at Torcello's (Hope I didn't mispell). The lady at the counter asked, "2 adults and a child?" What the..? Oh well, at least I saved a couple of bucks for my parents xD So we proceeded to gobbling down food of our choices, and there I was, starring into space, daydreaming. As usual.

Ok, you're probably wonderring why are you looking at these mannequins dressed in traditional Chinese clothing. Was daydreaming about them at that time =X Why? Cause of their expressions. They look sad. They really look like they're thinking, "What have I done so wrong that I have to stand here for decades and serve people as a boatman?" If that is what they are really thinking, I would reply, "Well, you're the one of the luckiest plastics in the world." Seriously. They are. Hundreds and thousands of people are willing to pay a quite large sum of money just for a short trip around the theme park. People take many pictures of their family and friends with them for rememberance. Lucky, huh? Even these non-living things get more attention than me ._. Mannequins these days.. *sigh* Don't know how to appreciate.. (LOL, I know, I know. I'm going craaaazy cause of boredom.)

Later that night, a different lady was at the counter when we went for our buffet dinner. "2 adults and a child?" I could hardly control my laughter now xD Seriously. Do I look like a 12-year-old kid? Uh..

Went to Ripley's Believe It Or Not after that. I saw a sign "Get pregnant with just one touch..." "Mengandung dengan satu sentuh..." infront of a statue. Being a logical person, I don't quite believe all these, so I touched it .___. Hmm, belum mengandung pun xD

CASINO TIME! Not in a mood to go to the internet cafe so I stayed in the hotel room. Took some pics there xD Okay, I'll show you one of them (Look at teh earrings =O) :

Nah, I'm not the kind who would go for double pierrcing. They're fake :D Just clip 'em on and there you go xD

Ooookayz, getting bored =/ Time to do something else!

Teh supah boredh gahl signhs offh!!

~ Angelina x3