Mar 3, 2007

I Want My Father

Scribbled by Angelina

Everytime my mum tells me about my father, my biological father, I have to control my tears from flowing. Although I have totally no memory of him, but from what I hear from my mum, I know that he is the best father in the world. Why did he have to leave me when I was only 2? Why did he have to die? Fuck cancer. Just fuck it.

I really hope that he can be here with me till today. Maybe I will be a better person. One thing I like about him is that he reads alot, meaning he is a very interesting person to talk to. My mum still carries his words of wisdom till today, maybe that is what helped her to be successful too.

How I wish he was beside me when I recieved my PMR results. How happy he will be. Now he would never know. Why do I always have to be so different? Why can't I have a father like everybody else... Why?

Sigh.. I miss him so much =(


~ Angelina =(