Mar 6, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Not talking about my expectations here, talking about my mum's. I wonder why parents like to say, "See your friend, they are so *insert a good adjective here*, why can't you be like him/her?" Maybe I should say, "I should be asking you why can't you be like his/her mother, so you can bring me up like him/her." Weeeee.. Counter-attacks are fun =D Gonna try that the next time she nags on me with this question xD

Sigh, why can't they just accept me as I am, why must others always be better than me? The THING about parents is, they only take the good points of others to compare with the bad points of us. Why can't they take the bad points of others and give us a lil praise? =D I mean, nobody is perfect, right? If I were to have only all the good points, i'm God.

If life is a game, my mum would probably say, "Aiya, add wrong stats." Haha, but too bad, there ain't any stats reset coupon for sale anywhere. This gives me another thought, realise that most geniuses have shorter lives than other people? Their parents added pure INT for them, HP too low, LOL.

Hey, this is getting fun. Let's analyse students using the concept of the virtual worlds:

Good students (not geniuses):
- High INT
- Fair amount of HP
- High AGI (for fast thinking)
- 0 DEF (mages don't need defence, they got the INT, can counter attacks xD)

Average students:
- Fair amount of INT
- Fair amount of HP
- Fair amount of AGI
- Fair amount of DEF
(Lol, that's why call you call them average =D)

Bad students (academically):
- Low amount of INT
- High amount of HP (no worries live longer =X)
- Low amount of AGI
- High amount of DEF (no INT must use all sorts of lame alasans to defend their wrong doings, lol)

See!! They're related!! Now who says you learn nothin' about life while playing games? xD

Hmm, guess this is all for today, having a really bad headache here ><

[ Headache ] -21HP


~ Angelina x3