Mar 18, 2007

What is WRONG with her?

Scribbled by Angelina

It's my mum i'm talking about. Damn, everytime I try to express my feelings, she will make a freaking assumption on what is happening to me and nags me because of what she thinks is happening. DAMN IT. There's like no one I can talk to.

Was just telling her that I wasn't feeling well but I don't know what caused it, she freaking said, "Surely yesterday and today you didn't eat a proper meal I know if I went out early you won't eat a proper meal you know a proper meal is very important so if you skip a meal especially for two days in a row you sure will feel not well how many times have I told you no matter what you must eat a prop-" .. BLA BLA BLA. And yes, without punctuations. And it's NOT BECAUSE OF THAT DAMNIT. If it WAS about meals I would have gastric, wouldn't I? AND I FEEL FEVERISH FOR GOD'S SAKE. Don't HAVE to tell her that or she'll start a whole new version about me not drinking enough water. AND I DID BY THE WAY. I know it.

Damn sick of all these. Can't she SHUT UP AND LISTEN FOR ONCE? Not trying to be disrespectful but that's the freaking truth. Listening is more important than TALKING when you don't even know the truth, RIGHT? So fucking pissed off.

~ Angelina