Mar 20, 2007

Silence is Golden

Scribbled by Angelina

Argh, my mum NEVER listens, she just NEVER will!!! SILENCE IS GOLDEN - such a famous phrase! How can she NOT learn from that? When someone is EXPRESSING, she expresses HER thoughts MORE than she listens! And how do you suppose you can understand someone if you don't give that person a chance to speak their minds?

And she always say, "Don't deny mistakes you did, change instead." YEAH RIGHT. If I were to tell her HER mistakes, she would say that it's the way she's brought up that made her this way -blablabla-. So if I said I wasn't brought up well, she would say she brought me up that way but I just wouldn't listen? She just didn't bring me up the way she liked. Blame herself for it. Cut the nagging.

Another thing she always say is, "Change is very important." Uh, when will she REALIZE that she needs to CHANGE? Nagging, to teenagers, is just like a mosquito flying around our ears. Annoying but it doesn't affect us and we just had to wave it away!

Anyway, I "wrote" a book out of frustration -_- Check it out:

Feeling better a little. I always do after doing some art -.-" I'm weird, I know.

~ Angelina