Mar 23, 2007

The School Clerk

Scribbled by Angelina

I could not find my Watikah Pengawas (Prefect Certificate thingy) yesterday morning, so I had to bring it to school today to get it photostatted. As expected, the bookshop's photostat machine wasn't working, so I was forced to head to the pejabat (office) instead, as suggested by the teacher in-charged. Jolene and Jillian warned me that the kerani (clerk) is very cranky but I don't have other alternatives, so I decided that I would beg her even if I have to (so desperate meh? @@).

Anyway, Jillian accompanied me to the office and I walked in.

(The text below has been translated to English. Original text is in Malay.)

Me: Hey, was just wondering if you can help me to photostat this certificate thingy?
Kerani: *stares*
Me: Err, I need to submit it to PPD (District Education Office) by today.
Kerani: Then why didn't you do that yesterday? Last minute, huh?
Me: *Thinks of an excuse* Err, the bookshop's photostat machine wasn't working yesterday too.
Kerani: Then why didn't you do it when you reached home?
Me: *Thinks of another excuse* Err, I did ask my mum to help but when she reached her office, the photostat machine was out of order too.
Kerani: You should know that students are not allowed to photostat anything in the office. It's the rule.
Me: Uhm, I have money. *pats pocket*
Kerani: I know you have money, but the thing is tha-, what did you say you want to photostat again? Hand it to me.
Me: Here, this certificate. *hands it over*
Kerani: *Walks over to photostat machine* You can pay now.
Me: *Hands money over* Thank you very much!

O.o *speechless* Oh well, guess money does shut some mouths xD Psst, she even smiled =O

~ Angelina