Apr 16, 2007

Mensa, Mensa, Mensa!

Scribbled by Angelina

I took the Mensa IQ test at the National Mensa office 2 days ago.

"The name ‘Mensa’ comes from a Latin word which has three meanings: ‘mind’, ‘table’ or 'month’, which neatly encapsulates the founders’ vision of monthly meetings of great minds around a table, a common Mensa event that continues today. Mensa is, basically a social club - but a social club different from all others. The only qualification for membership is a high score on an intelligence test. "

I really hope I pass this test. I read from the papers that there's a NASA program planned for Mensa members xD I'm going to Mars!!! =D I NEED to go to Mars! There are Martians waiting for me! xD Muahahaha.. *ahem ahem* ._.

Enough about Mensa. Earlier that day, I went to my school to attend the Hari Kecemerlangan event, which they will give awards to students who achieve good grades. I'm there along with almost all my classmates to receive the award for PMR xD Stupid school won't let us watch the performance. Apparently, we have to line up outside to prepare to walk up on stage almost HALF AN HOUR before we receive our prize. What the... -__- Now I'll have to wait for someone to post the video up to YouTube.

Back to the good part of the day. After we got our awards, some of my classmates quickly tore open the 2 envelopes which came together with the certificates. Guess what we got? A voucher for us to claim a free pizza meal, a Domino's Pizza Gold Card (we get a free pizza for every pizza purchased for more than a year), and the juiciest part, an RM100 note! W00t! Not bad for getting good results which I didn't study much for =P

I don't know, but money doesn't seem to matter to me very much o.O I went home, took out the RM100 note, handed it to my mum and said, "Nah, mummy." She keeps it in her pocket and, that was the end o_o Lol.

OMFG, how dare that cat invade my home again when I'm blogging?!! Be right back. *catches cat* Alrighty! Here's another picture of the cat and me with my bad hair day again -_- :

Oi, cat! Look at the screen!

GOOD! Stay still!

One hand holding that freaking cat, one hand pressing the button to take the picture =.= Chased that cat out of my house and closed the door xD *wonders why that crazy cat loves to follow me*

Kayz, gotta go complete my homework! Lol, going to school in a couple of hours and I'm still not done with homework - blogging some more!

Ciao peeps.

~ Angelina