Apr 27, 2007

Peralihan Students = Tiada Harapan?

Scribbled by Angelina

I don't think so.

Most teachers and prefects hate them. They think that these kids are just a bunch of hyperactive, stupid, hopeless kids. They look down on them. They don't care if these kids get proper education or not. They think that these kids exist without a reason.

Priority is given to students of good classes only. For example, the 'mini library'. They PIBG allocated these shelfs of books for good classes only. By right they should allocate them for the weaker students so that they can develop reading habits and improve. The problem is, they don't care. They don't care if these children are able to earn a living in the future, they give everything to the good students because apparently they want them to "mengharumkan nama sekolah". Damn, is the NAMA of the SEKOLAH really that important? More important than the lives of these children? They'll gain a better NAMA if they're famous for helping weak students out and help them achieve at least a couple of B's in their examinations.

Today, I was helping a teacher to take care of the Peralihan class while she was off to do some stuff. She gave them some work to do and I was to make sure that they complete it. They don't understand what the teacher said when she said she had to go out. So most of them questioned me, "Puan Saras leh?"; "Puan Saras qu na li? ("Where did Puan Saras went to?" in Chinese). I just told them that she went for a meeting so I don't have to explain more. As usual, I used my rojak language.

"Puan Saras qu meeting."

[ Puan = Mrs in Malay ]
[ Saras = an Indian name ]
[ qu = went to in Chinese ]
[ meeting = is, well, meeting in English ]

W00t! 4 languages! Apa la saya ._. They don't understand the meaning of "meeting" and asked me what "meeting" was. I told them meeting means kai hui in Chinese. One of the boys said, "Yuan lai kai hui ying wen jiao 'meeting', jin tian wo you xue hui le yi ge ying wen zi! Xie xie!" ("Now I know that kai hui means 'meeting' in English, today I learnt another new word! Thank you!") They were so polite! And so enthusiastic towards learning! How can such kids be neglected?

I remembered there was a year, when some of my class students made friends with students from the weaker classes, and one of the teacher said, "Don't be too close with them, these students all ah, takda harapan one!" Now we are not even supposed to talk to them? Great.

Sometimes it's really sad when you think of them =/ It's like, they come to school for nothing. They can't even read or write, and the teachers? Teachers just give them work which they only need to copy stuffs blindly from their books, and leave them there while they mind their own businesses. Is this called education? Education is about learning. Now tell me, are they learning anything while they're copying stuffs BLINDLY?

If this is the case, they might as well stay at home and enjoy their lives. No point of coming to school at all, since they're abandoned like they have no place in this society. The ministry should do something to help these kids, and not focus on pressuring capable students to get straight useless A's, which don't help in any way or there won't be jobless graduates lurking all over Malaysia.

It is time Malaysia wake up and see what damage the society has done to itself. No wonder we are so far back other countries. Our education produces thousands of illiterate students every year. How effective is that?

~ Angelina

2 Voices:

Anonymous said...

omg. i just read this article from mamakk and i'm touched. my school doesn't have a peralihan class but i know if there was one, most of my teachers would be like that too. i have friends who are in the so-called art stream class and they are neglected by our teachers already.

this honestly effects a person's life. they should change their attitude.

good article.

~*cHoCoHoLiC*~ said...

Yea, it's really sad to see this happening =/ Even if the ministry wants something to be done, it's hard to trust that all schools will follow. They favor good students only. Where are the rights of humans?

Thanks for reading btw =)