May 3, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Woohoo! In the mood of blogging xD It's really fun to blog, you know. I get to express my feelings and talk about recent gossips and happenings. My blog is like one of my best friends =) It listens to me even if I'm crapping xD *Hugz* ^^

Most of the time, when I express my feelings or stuff, people would say, "Don't like that lah.." Dude, you think I want to like that meh? If I can don't like that I wouldn't be telling you this, right? Lol. But what the heck xD If someone expresses their feelings, I would just =/ or >_< or o_o or the famous, "Don't like that la.." Haha, we're not psychologists or something, that's all we can say =/

So people, BLOG! Tell you ah, your blog won't say that to you one! Even if I say, "I hate you, you stinking blog!", it also won't get angry at me. But of course, you know I love you, right my dear bloggie? ^^ 0MFG.. I think I might be diagnosed with SIWB (Severe Infatuation With Blogs) ._.

*Sigh* Feeling lonely here. Being the only child sucks. Having brothers and sisters pestering you to let them have the computer sucks too. But I'm already used to being the only child. It's fun, you know. You can get all the privacy you want, stay in your own world... No wonder Jillian keeps saying that I love to daydream xD I used to pester my mum to "give" me a brother or a sister when I was young, didn't know where babies came from at that stage =X But now, I'm kinda glad that I'm the only child =) Though I would reaaaaaaally want an elder sister. But then, no more privacy x(

Kayz, back to homework xD BUHBYEZ! :D

~ Angelina