May 5, 2007

What a door can do to your finger...

Scribbled by Angelina

Doors. What are doors for? Obviously, it's for security. But my bloody door INJURED ME! HOW DARE IT!

Below are links to some pictures of my badly severed finger. DO NOT CLICK if you're weak hearted. I shall not be held responsible for anything that happens to you after viewing the following pictures. Viewer discretion is advised :P

Nightmare Number 1

Nightmare Number 2

I warned you ._.

OKAY! I know I'm obsessed with examining that wound >_< It's just that I never had any injury as bad as this before, so it's actually kinda fascinating ._. I'm no weirdo, kay? At least I didn't make a video out of it. Or maybe I would... :P Muahahahaha...


~ Angelina

4 Voices:

FengY said...

okay okay! I pengsan! not :P Not gross at all!

~*cHoCoHoLiC*~ said...

Not? I myself also wanna throw up after seeing that pic ._."

CRIZ LAI said...

With all those yummy chocolates here and you showed your bleeded finger? OMG...I never gonna eat anymore chocolate again :P

How's the finger now? I'm sure you did not wrapped it like a Sikh's turban right? Hehehe...'

Anyway, get well soon too blog more :) Get Well soon Angelina... (Jolie rite? how i wished.. how i wished :P)

~*cHoCoHoLiC*~ said...

._. Eh.. I did put a disclaimer XD

My finger is like totally cured now, thanks. I took off the plaster on the very next day, lol :P

Can't really blog much now, having exams @_@

Too bad I'm not Angelina Jolie, eh? XD