Jun 10, 2007

All-in-one update!

Scribbled by Angelina

As you all can see, I have changed my layout again! This is the 3rd skin I made. My second layout was for my cousin. So, how is it? :) I might wanna re-photoshop the graphic and put the title "Misty Street" right in the middle of the blog when I have the time.

And I have to abandon the Warez site project cause my mum objected :( Nevermind! My next project will be about bring you the best freewares ever! *I don't know why but I'm obsessed with softwares*

I know I post too little, here is a long post to compensate :P

- - -

Yesterday, I went to Blue Wave Hotel to celebrate my 2-year-old cousin's and my grandmother's birthday. Before dinner and the celebration, I played with the birthday girl. Look what she did to my hand!

Omg, stickers!


When I pulled off the stickers, my hair also kena cabut together! Pain you know! That's why I now have lesser hair on my left hand. So imbalanced xD

Then there were these mini chocolate tubs my other cousins brought. I didn't eat them cause it's not the kind of bitter pure chocolate I like, but my baby cousin finished the entire tub herself.

Ya' like ma' beard?

I want another tub! =(

That's my mum behind the second picture :D Then I took a few more shots of her, she's just so cute!

Aww, doesn't she look adorable? :)

Finger lickin' good!

The pictures aren't so clear cause I'm using only a Nokia 3220.

After dinner, the celebration began. There were two different chocolate cakes. I think I ate too much cause I felt like throwing up after eating them, haha. On the way home, my cute little cousin was singing the birthday song at the top of her voice, over and over again! xD Soooooo cute!

- - -

The school holidays are over and I have to go to school tomorrow, which means getting my results back *sigh* After almost 2 weeks of dieting sleeping late and thus waking late and THUS missing a lot of breakfasts, I think I have slimmed down xD I didn't realise that at first until today, I tried to wear a size 26in pants, which was too tight before this, and it fitted! Not tight at all! I know, I know, a lot of people 24 or 25 only, but for a 49kg girl, 26 is small already ok!

Weird, some people say I'm overweight, some say I'm not. I asked one of my friends last year if I was fat, she said, "You're not fat, you're actually nicely rounded." LOL! Another way of describing 'fat'! I'm actually kinda chubby, but I didn't make a point to exercise or go on a diet, that's why I always suffer during Ujian Daya Tahan Asas (UDTA) xD

- - -

Okay, time to go! Need to complete my moral project -_- *takes textbook and copies blindly* I question the point of these projects. Every year we just copy blindly from either:

- Notes teacher gave
- Textbook
- Past year students' project (teacher provide =.=)

... and get full marks! Good also lah, free marks for exams, lol.

P.S.: I'll do the tag tomorrow :D

~ Angelina