Jun 8, 2007

Something new!

Scribbled by Angelina

YES! The project I have been planning to launch since quite some time has finally been launched! I know by starting this project, I risk getting flamed - badly. But, what the heck :) There are many risks we must take in life, right?

Introducing my first ever warez blog! Please visit Wares & Warez™ for more information. Thank you and hope you support it :) If you don't, I understand.

Next! Have you all heard about MSN 8.5? Since it's also new and has relevance to the post topic, I might as well include it here. I can't get the English version to work, so I downloaded the Spanish version and copied the .dll language file in its directory. It has a touch of the Windows Vista™ style, not much new features yet I guess, still in beta mah :) Here's a screenie of it:

Got class right? I especially like the lighting effect at the top of the messenger. If you notice, the advertisement down there is about Paris Hilton's home detention :P

Also, I downloaded Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne a few days ago (yes, warez). Guess what? I started playing DotA! Kena owned gao gao by a GIRL friend TWO years my junior! Omg ._. I also played campaign mode. At the end of the game (the credits part), they actually showed a short clip of Prince Arthas playing an ice guitar =_=" Those who played Warcraft III should know who I'm talking about.


~ Angelina