Jun 7, 2007

Save The Houseflies?

Scribbled by Angelina

*Muah* Come kiss kiss!

You're kidding, right? Save the houseflies?!

I was eating my lunch when a pesky housefly flew by and kissed my food. No matter how I whack, no matter how I flung my pillow at it, like always, it got away. And since I was too free and have nothing better to do, I Googled for "houseflies kiss". Yes. I very the bo liao. Then on the first page of the search, I saw "DocieB saves the houseflies". My reaction immediately turned:

No I don't play Maple Story.

So I clicked it to read on. The last line was:

"Remember, they are not regurgitating on their food to eat it, they are kissing their food in praise."

I was like, "Err, hello? More like kissing you to your death?" Imagine what kind of diseases these creatures might bring!