Jun 4, 2007

Sweet, Hot, & Nice Body

Scribbled by Angelina

Been a little occupied lately, but here comes a post!

I opened a new Skype account a few days ago and messaged some people to chat with. Almost none replied. Until suddenly, *beep*! YAY! A reply! It was from a guy from the US. After chatting for a while, he said:

Ignore that stupid nickname -_- I was super bored. Anyway, I quickly went to Friendster to search for a picture. I came across this punk guy who REALLY look like a girl. I even thought he was a girl until I saw a picture caption asking people not to misunderstand, saying that he is actually a guy. So I saved a picture of the "girl" and sent it to that US guy. This is the picture I sent:

Leng lui, right? *jealous* I WANT THOSE LEGS =O Anyway, this is how to conversation continued:

LOL! I really cannot tahan my laughter, if only he knew he was praising a guy xD So, as requested, I sent him another picture:

Nice hair! I want, I want! This picture has led to:

I laughed so hard till my tummy hurt! LOL. But this guy ar, *sigh* so greedy:

But nevermind! I'm also greedy, I want more stuff to laugh at! So I sent him this:

NICE LEGSSSSSS! GIMME! GIMME! Anyway, this led to:

Hahaha! So guys, don't believe everything you see. Even if the pictures show a HOT zhar bor, it might be a guy also!

~ Angelina

6 Voices:

Bnanaq said...

whoalao! can compete with those african babes! yo!

• мiao мiao • said...

somemore say it's my american boyfriend. =.=
nice, sweet, hot & sexy body.
perut pun sakit, laugh like crap that day. xD

• мiao мiao • said...

btw, it's visual, not punk!

MonkeyWong said...

Wakakaka.....so funny, that fella really believe mer?
Come link 2 me, :P

Angelina said...

Haha, okie I'll link =)

Chee Hsien said...

Jialat!! =.=""