May 30, 2007

New layout!

Scribbled by Angelina

Yes, this girl has clearly nothing better to do.

*TA-DA!* I hereby proudly present my FIRST self-made layout! *Dodges a flying rotten egg* Okay, okay, I know, my photoshop skills sucks, and I don't know any professional HTML codings =/

Oh yea, see those candies up there? I made each of them seperately =D Don't they look delicious? *Dodges another flying tomato* OKAY! I'll stop talking from now. Sheesh. Oh, and one more thing, you guys are probably wondering, "WHO'S THAT LENG ZAI?!". Too bad, he isn't real. It was drawn by someone called "feimo", some China guy, using only a computer program! And he did it from scratch! I have a whole set of cool drawings by him, MSN me if you want them =)

To prevent further waste of food thrown by the new layout haters, I have included a poll:

Happy voting! Kthxbai.

~ Angelina

14 Voices:

Cedric said...

No such thing as the layout is fugly or hodoh or whatsoever, you've poured your effort in it, fuck care how they're gonna look at it. If you think that's nice then by all means leave it this way. I think it's nice because it's your work! :D Keep up the good work!


Angelina said...

Haha, thanks Cedric :P

Anonymous said...

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