Jun 17, 2007

Banana Wannabe

Scribbled by Angelina


Definition 1: A crescent-shaped, yellow fruit.

Definition 2: A term given to Chinese people who doesn't speak Chinese. Just like a banana, they're yellow on the outside, but white in the inside.

I'm not a banana, I'm a banana wannabe (referring to definition number 2, FYI :P). "Why would anyone wanna BE a banana?" You would ask. Frankly, I don't know. Maybe I'm just plain weird or what, but I really wish I don't know Chinese.
Chinese - Chinese language = Banana = Cute
Yes, I'm insane =) I love my banana friends! *hugs Jolene and Jillian* I love banana people! I don't like eating bananas.

I know that China has large market opportunities and stuff, but I-hate-that-language.

This is how you write "I" in English:

This is how you write "I" in Chinese:

YOU SEE?!! How could I NOT hate it? And the teachers are not helping at all, in fact they make me hate that language more by adding unnecessary words to my beautifully written essay, making it look like I just wrote a primary-level essay. OI TEACHER! I write this style for NINE friggin' years and got A ok? Don't you tell me that my writing style is wrong. Pfft.

The goods of understanding Chinese:
  1. China's market
  2. Communicating with non-bananas.
  3. Understanding texts written in Chinese, especially during trips.
  4. Play Chinese games (which I don't because of those friggin' characters)

The bads of understanding Chinese:
  1. Forced to memorise 2 extremely long proverbs for every chapter we learn, including their definitions, author and which book it came out from, which is extremely ridiculous. There are at least 20 chapters a year, which makes approximately 40 proverbs a year. We also need to memorise the peralihan level ones. For SPM level, we need to know 40 x 6 = 240 proverbs by heart.
  2. The characters are VERY complicated, thus making homework torturous.
  3. Chinese education focuses on memorising and copying.
  4. Making result sheets look bad.
  5. Learning unnecessary grammar.
  6. Calligraphy (Why the hell do we need this when there is something called the "PEN" and the "PENCIL" invented?)
  7. Extra hours of classes in school.
  8. So many more that this list will never end.
Differences between me and Jolene:
Jolene: I was meant to go to a Chinese school but my mum changed her mind! Argh!

Me: I was meant to go to a Kebangsaan school but my mum changed her mind! Argh!

Perfect! Trust me, 0.5% of each subject is enough for ANYONE to get an A :P *prepares to get poked by Jolene*

I know that understanding Chinese is an advantage, but it really, REALLY makes people suffer (that is unless you are a Chinese language pro, but then other languages surely not as good lor =/)

Everytime I say, "I wanna become a bananaaaaaa!", I get =.+|| expressions from my friends. Guess I've provided enough reasons for why I am a banana wannabe? =)

~ Angelina, the banana wannabe.

4 Voices:

yipguseng said...

i dunno whether is true or not, lets put the chinese subject aside, it seems that chinese school student's maths is far better than kebangsaan student. Though in the future u might not need it but still is better ;)

and er, hehe, actually i m also still wondering why the hell they wan us to learn Calligraphy -_-

Belle said...

I think it’s more advantageous to know and master Chinese than not. I used to go to extra Chinese classes although I’m from a kebangsaan school. I know how torturous it is to learn Chinese. I stopped the classes and lost touch of what I learnt. So, I’m practically a banana.

Anyway, hardwork comes with good rewards. So, continue learning the language. All the best!

sc_Bone said...

u love banana ppl...
if that ppl is half banana, so u love half of him???

Angelina said...

[yipguseng] Yea, cause Chinese schools really give their students a LOT of homework. I had 60 questions per day last time -_- Guess that's where the phrase "practice makes perfect" came from :P

[belle] I hope it really pays off then, thanks! :D

[sc_bone] Lol, not THAT obsessed lar, I mean it's better if he/she is a banana lor :P I know I'm crazy!