Jun 20, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Every teacher holds a certificate - degree, master, whatever. However, a question still lies.

Is every teacher really qualified to be a teacher?

What does the word qualify mean? Does getting a certificate mean that someone is qualified to be a teacher?

I don't deny that they must have a good amount of knowledge to be able to obtain a so-called qualification to become a teacher, yet our country's education produces hundreds and thousands of illiterate students every year, causing the increase of number of school dropouts and crime rate year after year.


During my co-curricular activity last week, I overheard an afternoon session teacher while she was in class.

Teacher: ABC! 29 marks! Come out!
ABC: *walks out*
Teacher: Why you get so low?
ABC: *speechless*
Teacher: Take out your hand!
ABC: *looks at teacher with fearful eyes*
ABC: *takes out hand slowly*
Teacher: *WHACK!*

If caning makes a student smarter, go ahead. But does it? Instead of caning them, shouldn't the teacher be hitting herself with a 10-foot long pole for failing to help the students pass their exams? Caning will only lower the students' self-esteem and make them hate studying even more. She has a certificate, but tell me, is this teacher qualified to be a teacher?

Good teachers are assigned to good classes only, the unqualified ones, the makan gaji buta ones, will be assigned to the not-so-good classes, worsening the scenario. Yes, the sad truth.

As a teacher, he or she is responsible to make sure that the students understands what is taught, and guide them if they fail to cope. But no... They have this tidak peduli attitude, they don't care if you can earn a living or not in the future, all they care is filling their filthy pockets with green paper the government issue to them without fail every month.

Not every teacher is like this. Fortunately, my teachers are not. But the other classes? I doubt their ability to teach.

If you know that you can't teach, don't. Don't ruin other people's life and drive the country to chaos.

~ Angelina

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Engrish teacher said...

There are always teachers who have our respect and those who not. Those with passion and love. And those who teach, of course teach for the sake of teaching.

I've met a few great ones in my life and will remember them forever. May you find yous too!

Engrish Teacher is veli good T-cher, he never scold, never yells.. You can yell all you want. Couldn't care less. Haha. Contact me for Engrish lesson.