Jun 28, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Been a little occupied this few days, still am but I have too much on my mind that I gotta put them to good eyes before I forget! :P

Do you believe that everything is predestined? Or do you think that everything that happens is a mere coincidence? For me, I don't think God has the time to "preset" everything for billions of people out there. It's just my opinion.


Dodo: I don't believe that God can "preset" everyone's destiny. It's impossible.
Lala: That's why we call him "God"!
Dodo: It's logically impossible. Tell me how He does it then.
Lala: Aiya, how God does things, we people donno one lah!
Dodo: You don't even know, why do you believe then?
Lala: Cause he is God mah!
Dodo: ...
I guess that I'm more of a free thinker than a Christian, which I only use to fill in forms which has a field for religion. Would've put "Muslim" for better benefits, but I don't think I wanna change my name to Angelina binti Abdullah any soon. I chose to write "Christian" over "Buddhist" because my mum believes in Jesus, and it's the religion which facts sound the most logical to me out of the illogicals.

Back to the topic: coincidences. This, is what I've concluded after many years of thinking about how humans actually appear on Earth and their destiny. I think that most of the things that happen, happen because coincidences - from the creation of humans, to determining who lives and who dies.

How were humans created? Let me bring you back to billions and billions of years ago, long before the dinosaurs even existed. I call this Angelina's Theory. *hopes that someone from National Geographic coincidently comes across this post and creates a simulation of my theory*

The earth was still empty and the weather was still very very unstable. Earthquakes, volcano eruptions, meteoroids crashing in, weather storms... The galaxy was still young and because of its unstableness, nothing could survive back then. As the weather stabilises and the temperature becomes more optimum, life begins. As we know, everything is made up of matter. We humans consists of calcium, iron etc, which are also found in the ground. So when everything (weather, temperature and such) becomes coincidently optimum for living things to survive, some elements and compounds which are coincidently created near to each other after thousands of natural disasters, chemically reacts with each other and coincidently happen to be the right combination to form life. No, that's not how humans magically appear. Creatures then were unicellular organisms, so tiny that they could not be seen with the naked eye. After centuries and centuries of mating and therefore improving genetically and thus evolving to suit the habitat, the cells have learnt to work with each other, forming multicellular organisms. How we look today is because a particular organism coincidently met a partner and their combination evolved after billions of years to form humans. Meet with another and we might grow horns.

So yeah, evolutions after evolutions has led to today, and has led to me writing this. But, let me tell you this - not everything HAS to be a coincident, but everything can be related to it. Good coincidences are called "lucky", bad ones are called "suey". We work hard because good coincidences don't always happen, and we can't take that risk as we don't have nine lives. Let me give you a situation to help you understand more of this theory of mine:
Situation A: You worked hard in you company and your boss is delighted. He gives you a promotion and a pay rise.

Situation B: You worked hard in a company but your luck is so suey and you met a stingy boss. Your contributions are not acknowledged.
You can be hardworking, but luck also plays a role. Meeting the right people at the right time, and saying the right thing at the right time helps. Life and death are also influenced by coincidences. I talked about this theory with my friend, Jolene, and it turned out that we had thought of the same thing before, but never really talked about it. It is the "point-of-view thingy" (POVT). We haven't really gave it a name yet, but I can explain to you what it is. People might call these souls, but we had something else in mind. Every time life is created, a POVT would be created as well, and it coincidently becomes "you". We see things from this angle, this everything, not another. And we wonder, "Why am I in this body and not that body? How come that POVT gets to be in that gorgeous body?!" Well, one answer, it's all a coincidence. And I happened to be suey, LOL!

Well, this is my theory. What's yours?

~ Angelina, a suey POVT.