Jul 1, 2007

1000th Visitor!

Scribbled by Angelina

Weeeeee! My 1000th visitor! Well, not actually. I only added that counter 4 months after I started this blog. 28th of May maybe? 1000 readers in 33 days! Hmm, not bad for a start =)

I found this on my doorstep the very next day:

A card came with it, it read:

Aww, I'm so touched! Thank you very much! *wipes tears*

Hmm, what could I do to celebrate this meaningful occasion? I know! I'll upgrade my blog to the newest blogger and learn XML! Well, I'm gonna learn some basics before I switch 0f course. So my lovely readers, expect a new template really soon... again! =P

I'll also start reading my Da Vinci Code that I abandoned months ago! See how you guys are motivating me? =D

I'll replace the picture with a better one next time -_-"

I told my mum how happy I was and that I might wanna be a full-time blogger. And she looked at me for awhile and said, "Why don't you be a lawyer instead?" SHE SUGGESTED A CAREER FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE! Maybe it's because of the full-time blogger thought I had.

Wasn't sure if I wanna be a lawyer, so I searched for some information about being one. Look what I found!:

Uhh.. o.O I'll think about it.

~ Angelina