Jul 2, 2007

An Interesting Talk

Scribbled by Angelina

Was doing my prefect's duty in school this morning and something that I find very funny happened. There was this prefect who has been trying to befriend me last year (until now!) came to me and we had a chit-chat session.

His friend, the "evil guy" (he used to nag me all the time. Note: used, cause I complained to him and he made sure that the evil guy doesn't bug me anymore), came over and joined us.

Evil Guy: He has something to ask you.
Me: Oh, ok.
Him: Hey can I ask you something?
Me: Sure.
Him: Every time you pick up your phone, do you call up anyone?
Me: Um, no.
Him: Okay, err, then every time you pick up your phone, is there someone that you really feel like calling?
Me: No -_-"
Evil Guy: ARGH! Get to the point for God's sake! He wants to know if you have a boyfriend.
Me: ...
I really got to hold my laughter after seeing the fact that he find it so hard to come up with that question. But it's natural, no? :) He asked for my number after that, and he wrote it on HIS HAND! My friend couldn't stop laughing after she knew what happened, she said she sensed this coming but not as soon as this and asked me if I sensed it too.

Of course I sensed it! There are so many things that happened since last year until now.

Case 1: End of last year
We were doing our morning duties and he purposely chose a spot closest to me and was staring at me. Yes, staring. I tried to act normal but the fact is - I can't! How do you feel when a pair of eyes is looking at you without a blink?! So I finally turned to him and asked him if there was anything wrong. He denied.

Case 2: Beginning of school this year
Most of the Form 5 prefects hold positions in the prefectorial board, including the evil guy and him. He was in-charged of the blocks and the evil guy was in-charged of the canteen. I was stationed at the canteen at that time. He wouldn't stop bugging the evil guy to switch my place with another prefect so that I would be doing me duty at the blocks - which is what I'm doing now.

Case 3: All the time
He would come to talk to me quite often and greets me whenever he sees me.

Case 4: Photography session
This, I think, is the funniest thing. He was embarrassed and did not talk to me for two whole weeks after this happened. During the prefect's photography session, we have to stand in three lines. The first line is for the ones who are holding positions, second is for the girl prefects, and finally for the boys. Instead of standing at the line for those who hold positions, he came and stood beside me, which is the girls' line and forced his friend who did not hold any positions to take his place.
Him: I'm so lucky to be able to take this photo with you, I guess we're fated to be!
Me: ...
Me: Um, do you realise that you are standing in the girls' row?
Him: Yea I do, but I'm special!
Me: -_-" Whatever you say...
Teacher: What are you doing here?!! You're supposed to sit there! And you! What do you think you're doing, sitting at HIS place?!!
Innocent friend: But, he told me to sit here!
Teacher: I don't care! You both go back to your places and stop wasting our time!
Ouch. That must've hit him hard.

Case 5: Whenever he is near
HE SINGS *cough cough* Sorry, but your voice is not meant for singing =/

There are many other "mini happenings" that will make this post go long and boring, so I guess I'll have to skip those, lol. And guess what?! After asking for my number, he sang a love song in Chinese to me -_-" Cough. No, seriously, I'm having a bad cough!

I was standing at that time as I was on duty, and they were sitting. The evil guy wanted to "test" him.
Evil guy: Hey, Angelina. Come and sit here with me. *pats bench*
Me: Don't want la.
Him: WHO WANTS TO SIT WITH YOU?! Of course she'll sit with me. *pats bench too*
Evil guy: No space la there. Come, come, sit here, sit here.
Him: WHO SAY NO PLACE?! Here alot!! Come here, come here!
Me: ...
Me: It's okay, I'll just stand -_-"
Kids these days... When will they ever learn to grow up? LOL! I should stop mimicking what adults say :D

I still laugh at the thought of this, wonder what he will say when he calls tonight, which he say he will. What an interesting day with those cute little kids xD

~ Angelina