Jul 3, 2007

Angelina... That's Me.

Scribbled by Angelina

Someone: Hi, what's your name?
Angelina: Hi, I'm Angelina.
Someone: Oooh, Angelina Jolie! So do you love Brad Pitt?
People always relate me to Angelina Jolie because we have the same first name. I feel as if Angelina Jolie has stolen my identity. Angelina Jolie isn't the only Angelina in this world, okay? I'm Angelina Tan. TAN, TAN, TAN, TAN, TAN!!!

I wonder if I will ever be so well known that people will say, "Oooh, Angelina Tan!" instead. My mum wasn't too happy when my father named me Angelina at first, she complained to him that it was too long. She even asked him, "What kind of name is that?" But Mummy, I like my name! Oh, and thanks Daddy even though you are not reading! :P

Every time you type "Angelina" in the search box, hundreds of Angelina Jolie fansites would be the top results. The only place my real FULL name came out is on the PMR scorers list. I want to be at the top. No, I SHALL be at the top! One day, one day...

I have a few certificates which had my name misspelled as "Angeline". Some people call me Angeline, some even call me Angela. Having a name starting with "A" is not a good thing in school. When teachers select students, it's always me first! It's BAD! Especially for a blur-blur girl like me. I always stand up saying, "What? Teacher say what ah?" Speaking of blur, I can't keep my eyes open in class, especially during Chinese lesson! That language of doom -_- *chants* I am a banana... I am a banana... I am a banana...
Quoted from what a form 6 guy said...

What? You know how to read Chinese? I have never heard you speak a word of Chinese since I studied here three years ago.
Quoted from what my History teacher of 3 years said...

What? You take Chinese? Unbelievable!
I should probably stop elaborating about my banana-ness.


** A small update to the previous post **

Today was worse. That guy was telling me how he would hire a helicopter and bring me through the skies. I am not interested in your, um, flying fantasies... with me.

~ Angelina