Jul 3, 2007

A Love Story In School

Scribbled by Angelina

Without fail, he would be there.


... or shine.

Solemnly and patiently, without a complaint, awaiting her footsteps to draw near. Glancing at his watch from time to time. The Chinese lesson will be ending soon.

One minute... Two minutes... Three minutes. Why is she late today? Still, he maintains his imperturbable composure. Waiting and waiting...

Eventually, she turns up. He looks up with a smile on his face, ever so happy to see her.

"Hey, how's class?"

He opens up an umbrella and together they would walk home, in a quiet and delightful atmosphere, only they can feel.


Ah, one of the romantic situations in school when a guy would wait for a girl for hours, just because she takes extra Chinese lessons and he doesn't. So pure. So romantic.

~ Angelina