Jun 11, 2007

The Face Behind The Blog

Scribbled by Angelina

Yes, yes. I know it's been a lot of days since I kena tag but I only do it today :P First tag must plan nicely mah! =X

Anyway, this tag is from MonkeyWong, which is titled, "The face behind the blog." So... Here's a picture of me and my friend!

What? Ohh... The length of the hair gave me out -_-

My hair is long and quite straight, even my friend didn't believe that I didn't go for any hair treatments until last year, when she realised that my hair texture didn't change all year round. But when I was in primary school, my hair always get entangled, and was even a little curly. Yes, curly, not WAVY. I didn't know how it got so straight once I reached secondary school. Here's the straightest I can comb it to:

Straight right? I'm proud of it :) BUT! I always don't comb my hair, even when I go out to eat right after my bath, so look like a siao zhar bor most of the time, wahahaha.

Yes, I know my nose very big, there's no need to remind me of that huge nose =/

Enough about straight hair! Now time for siao zhar bor pictures :P

This is sad ._. When I wear my retainers, my mouth will have a weird shape. It's so uncomfortable! That's why I don't wear it most of the time.

Bet you're asking now, "Why all also in the living room one?!" Cause the living room IS my room, and my only world, that's why. I am always at home, at home and at home. I seldom go anywhere cause my mum is always "too busy". So yea, I'm a katak di bawah tempurung, only know what's going on on the net and not in real life.

When I was studying for my last exam, I think my mum was using my laptop or something, then she used the webcam and snapped, lol:

I'm not hardworking, looks can be deceiving you know :)

There's this picture, it was taken by me the day after I went to participate in the inter-school scrabble competition, I stayed home because I was so sick. I look awful and I don't even look like me -_-

See lar! My face looked like I pumped water in it or something. And my eyes are like bulging out already. Sick, sick, SICK! Luckily I didn't look THAT bad during the competition, or did I? :(

Finally, the last face behind the blog...

Don't remind me of my huge nose please X(

~ Angelina

4 Voices:

MonkeyWong said...

WalauA, ur hair really straight....can go n do shampoo advertisement lor! :P
Tag well done! :P

Cedric said...

wei, that is pretty ok? No huge nose thing. Pretty pretty! :)

LOUI$$ said...

You are pretty girl, young and energetic person. Wish you grow up faster. ^^

Angelina said...

MonkeyWong: *swirls head* I use Pantene Pro-V, gives you straight and moisturized hair! LOL :P

Cedric: Big la, my mum also say me, LOL XD

Loui$$: Wah, don't wanna grow up so fast, then cannot have fun already :P Haha..