Apr 4, 2007

Scrabble Crabble Mabble Wabble

Scribbled by Angelina

Took part in an inter-school Scrabble competition today, and I was so, so sick T_T Was having fever, sore throat, the worst headache ever, sneezing, coughing... Omg, why must this happen to me today! But, out of luck, I won all three games. Especially the last round, that was TOTAL luck. My opponent almost got more than 30 points extra if he was one bit more lucky than me! He's a really good player as I can see. And his calculations - DAMN FAST! Okay, maybe I was blur so I was slower =.=" But seriously, he is good. Pro-ness :P

Hmm, the first round, one person from the opposition team was someone I know since childhood. Always fight with him de - and win him somemore xD I scarred his face once @@ Lol. Dah form 5 sekarang~ If I fight now ar, die lo =.=" Anyway, for one of my last words, I 'tembak-ed' a word called 'meld'. Didn't know if it was in the dictionary but my opponent didn't challenge me xD I searched the dictionary after that and it exists! WTFZOMG O_O

The second round, one of the players was my Biology teacher's daughter. Quite noob I should say o.O My friend challenged her a word and won xD My opponent lost to me more than 90 points. Second round was the easiest round =) I really love the first round the most cause the guy sitting in the middle was really acting funny xD Banyak cakap, lol.

Third round, the tensest atmosphere. We were all soooo close to winning each other, and my luck is turning its back on me. My sickness is all acting up too =.=" I can't even calculate right (explains the number of corrections in my score sheet). There's once I had 'A', 'E', 'E', 'I', 'O', 'U', 'U' on my rack! What the freak o_o How am I supposed to make words out of those? Sheesh. Only scored around 10 points that round. I think it's less than that -_- In the end, I won by a mere 15 points. Thank you Triple Word bonus box!! xD

Our school won the 2nd place and will be representing Puchong zone to take part in the district competition. O-M-G =.=" I was too sick to even feel happy or anything. And I only got rank 8~ First 2 ranks from the same school. Giler punya SMK Puchong Utama =/

Nothing much after that. Went home, had fever, sneezed, coughed, slept, woke up, ate porridge, ate panadol, slept, woke up, ate porridge, ate vitamins, played SDO, blogged... xD Not really a good day for me, not that bad either =)

Teh scwabble n00bz signs off~! :P

~ Angelina