Apr 1, 2007

Qing Ming Festival

Scribbled by Angelina

The Qing Ming Festival is here again and I headed to the Nilai Memorial Park to pay respect to my grandfather who passed away when I was only 8. Though I'm a Christian, I don't mind holding joss sticks and praying (in my own way cause I don't know how it really works XD). I'm sure my grandfather doesn't mind (=X), cause I'm sure he understands what I'm saying ^^

One of my aunt, a Christian, did not attend. She even forbade my cousins from going. I am really surprised and shocked at her behaviour and attitude. I mean, despite the different religion, he's still your father, right? No one's forcing you to pray with joss sticks, you can pray in your Christian way or whatever, the most important thing is respect! But, what can I say... If I voice out my opinions, they sure cakap banyak-banyak.

There's one more thing I find funny about this whole Qing Ming thingy. People burn houses, treasures and even money to the dead. Do they seriously think those stuff will actually reach 'there'? Nowadays ah, somemore got Mercedes Benz, Astro, DVD player, laptop, computer, plasma TV... I even saw a HUGE bungalow with servants inside! Wah, nice life the dead are having, like that I'd rather die early =.=" Don't forget to burn down the whole TMNet company for me arr!! Also remember to burn Microsoft and Dell! Don't forget Gameflier too! LOL, craps.

Every year I go there, the smoke is making my life shorter and shorter. Nice plan dudes, trying to earn more cash, huh? Don't worry, burying me at the back of my house is enough. Seriously, by burning stuff, it really is polluting heaven and adding more fire to hell. There are already holes in the ozone layer. Plus, lungs full of smoke can cause cancer and other diseases. Trying to wipe out humanity meh?

After praying, some people still so song having a 'picnic' there! Eating the offerings! Life not short enough meh =/ We have to wait till my grandfather finishes eating after presenting the offerings. The weather was getting really hot and I asked my mum, "Mummy, when will gong gong finish eating?" My mum told me that they will flip two coins until one is head up and the other is tail up, which symbolizes that my grandfather is done. What the... Ah well, the Chinese have weird superstitions XD

Nothing much after that, I took a pear, which was one of the offerings, home. At least the skin can be peeled off so it's quite hygienic.

** No offence meant ** For humour purposes only **

~ Angelina =3