Dec 22, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Our government has a little problem dealing with the 3 races lately, have they?

Well, there's another something about our country you guys should know. This might be old, but some of you might still not know about it.

Malaysia's national anthem, Negaraku, is actually an edited version of a 1947 Hawaiian love song! How about that! Here's the vid:

And the lyrics!

One day I walked along
a moonlit island shore;
And soon i heard a song
I’ve never heard before.

I said, "Who can it be?"
to sing so tenderly;
and saw a dust he made
with lonely serenade.

Mamula moon,
shine high above the southern sea;
and like my love
say form again to me.

We said goodbye,
beside the blue lagoon;
alone am I
with you Mamula moon.

I waved my hand,
the grey ship sailed across the bay;
on golden sand
that might I melt to pray.

That i might see
my love returning soon;
still true to me
and you Mamula moon.