Feb 18, 2008

Rant On Unknowns

Scribbled by Angelina

Question 1: Integrate each of the following with respect to x.

With respect... with respect... with respect.

Well, you know what x? I respect you very much. In fact, I respect you SO much that I write you down almost everyday in almost all the pages of my additional mathematics book. x, x, x, x, x. Oh Mr. x, I respect you so much I think I'm gonna worship you! You, the most popular Unknown in maths; most popular among all unknowns from A-Z; the most feared unknown.

But you know what Mr. x? It would be better if you would just disappear. Seriously. It would make our lives much easier. 2x + 2 would be 2 + 2, and 144x - 31 would be 144 - 31. See how easy it would be for us? Darn, everyone would get good results in all exams then.

Why is it always that we have to find your value? You know what I think? I think you have no value at all. In fact you are so worthless that I don't think anyone would mind if you disappeared from our equations. Forever. And no, you're not gonna take over x's place, y. Not you either, a. Or any of you from the 26 alphabets. Unknowns are unwelcome in this world.

~ Angelina + inf x = Angelina

See? It made no difference. x's suck.