Mar 12, 2008

Education Ruined The World?

Scribbled by Angelina

Can it be said that education ruined the world?

Many families in the world are having problems with their relationships and because of that, parents drink; teenagers do drugs; join gangs, etc. And what is the cause of problems in family relations?

Parents work hard because they have to support the family. Not only the basic needs, but also for education. Now, we all know that education is costly. And we're not talking about just completing secondary school. We're talking about college. University. How much is the fees again you tell me? 20 grands? 30? Or is it 40? How much is it again to obtain a doctoral degree? Even a master's?

Because of all the hard work that have to be done by parents, and all the studying and homework for the kids, communication has become scarce. And what happens when there is insufficient communication? I've gone through that. For parents out there, you'd never know what is in your children's mind. When I was little, I have always thought that my mother never loved me. She owns a kindergarten, and in kindergartens, there are little kids. I've always assumed that she loved the kids more than me, and that if the kindergarten is on fire and I'm drowning, she'd save the kindergarten first. And what's worse is that, I've always thought that if I destroyed the kindergarten, and if all the little kids doesn't exist, she'd start to love me. She'd start to realise I'm there. She'd hug me in her arms and never let go. At a point, I even thought she'd be happier if I wasn't there, so I secretly fantasized of running away from home, which I eventually didn't do, thankfully. I was 7 at that time.

Maybe that's just me, or maybe all children think alike, who knows? Well, just be wary to be safe. So, back to topic. Education ruined the world? In my opinion, yes. After all the parents' hard work, most of the kids hate studying because parents never had the chance to teach them about the importance of education, how important is education so they could earn enough money for their future families and continue this infinite cycle. And what about potential children whose parents can't afford to pay their college fees? Yes, there are many other alternatives, but hey, you get the picture.

How many families survive this phase and bring up successful children? And how many don't? Since the successful ones are getting lesser, and the chances are that some of the successful ones don't make successful parents, what is going to happen to the future of this world? Maybe the world isn't going to end when the sun becomes to hot and melts it. Maybe it is going to end because of a never-ending chaos that even national security cannot control. And maybe the 10 lucky successful people will get together and set off to Mars, leaving Earth behind, leaving Earth to die. And in Mars, the cycle continues. End of humanity.

There are many possibilities in the question of how the world will end, and you better pray that it isn't going to end like this.

~ Angelina (I know I think too much)