Apr 29, 2008

Height Issues

Scribbled by Angelina

I ain't happy with my height. Blame the genes. Or maybe my pituitary gland got clogged. Whatever it is, I'm gonna keep on ranting bout my height. And don't try to tell me to be happy with what God gave me. Don't tell me you're perfectly fine with your looks. Maybe you'd choose to have more volumed hair, maybe it's your eyelids, maybe it's that brow which wouldn't grow the way you want it. Or that tooth that sticks out so obvious that you dare not show your teeth when you smile. Is your nose a little too flat? Got low cheekbones? If you're given a chance, I'm sure you would change something about your looks. You aren't happy with your looks, I know it. I'm not happy with mine either. Maybe you want bigger eyes, maybe you want a better-looking jawline. Dimples too perhaps. For me, I want to grow taller.

At 154cm, trust me, the world isn't a pleasant sight.

"Look! There it is! On top of the mountain!"
"See what? The mountain is bald."
"You blind is it? So big on top there also cannot see."

My mum is short, about my height. And from what I heard, my biological father is short too. Thus, I was born short. And I reached puberty at like, 10 years old?! Reaching puberty at such a young age made me taller than the others in my primary school days. Yes, those were the oh-so-pleasant days. The days when I could happily walk to the back of the row when teacher asks us to line up. The days I could reach shelves which others couldn't. Ah, the sweet memories.

Don't tell me to look a bright side of this, cause there ain't a bright side. Don't tell me that at least I won't be taller than my boyfriend. I see nothing bright in that. Nor the fact that I could fit in the kawaii children's clothes. And the worst of the "bright sides" is telling my that I'd look cuter if I'm short. Cause I know the truth - I don't.

Also - I DON'T BELIEVE THAT JUMPING HELPS. My mum asks me to jump everyday, which I don't. Logically speaking, if an overweight girl like me were to jump up and land down with like 50kg of fats, don't you think the pressure alone with make the legs shorter? Don't try and intimidate me with your Biology theories, I'll shoot you back with the logical Physics theories I made up.

And that teacher. That teacher who couldn't hold her tongue for like one minute. After like a whole load of elaboration in front of the class, all she could say to me was, "You know, I just realised that you're this short." Fuck you, whether you meant it or not. You think you're so tall is it? Think before you ever say anything, can? I know my genes suck and I have miniature cells. I also know you have gigantic cells so huge that you are a unicellular organism that looks taller than me.

- End of rant -

By the way, I've just started some stretching exercises today. Wish me luck. If it doesn't work, I should just go live with the seven dwarfs in Snow White. Then maybe the prince in the story will go, "OMFG A CHINESE IN A FAIRYTALE?!" Then he'll marry me. And we'll live happily ever after.

P.S.: Sorry, Snow White.

~ Angelina