May 20, 2008

Media - The Cause of Controversy?

Scribbled by Angelina

The media is a very influential thing. Everyone almost believes everything on the papers and the news without further questioning.

China, for example, is pictured as a heartless country who refuses to present Tibet its independence and the media is somehow, in a way, trying to gather more "anti-China" and "free Tibet" campaigns to feed the world with more "hot news". The world, on the other hand, is trying to boycott China and its Olympic event this coming August because obviously, they're all intimidated by China's sudden rise in the world's economic.

And SOME people in this world, who knows only a handful, happened to take a glance at how evil China is as projected by the media and uses the recent earthquake tragedy in China to open their big mouth and shout how much the Chinese deserved it. I wonder how is it possible that the world can give birth to geniuses like Einstein and damn idiots like these half bottle fulls.

I call this kind of people "a half bottle full" for a reason. Take a bottle, fill it with water until its brink and close it tight. Now shake it. Do you hear any noise? No? Now pour the water until there is about a quarter left. Close the opening and shake it again. Is it noisy? The water represents knowledge and the noise represents a persons' mouth. The wise will know how to keep their mouth shut, the illiterates will have nothing to say. But take an idiot and feed him a spoonful of information and there he goes, bragging about that little information as if he discovered e=mc². As an English saying goes, "A wise man never knows all, but a fool knows everything."

~ Angelina