Jul 7, 2008

The Semi Boss

Scribbled by Angelina

If you think being the kid of the person in authority of a certain place is cool, you're wrong. I don't know about the ministers' kids, or Bill Gates' daughter; but I know I hate it when people treats me like a little princess to try and jack their boss, in this case, my mum.

Little presents, delicious treats, ang paus during the Chinese New Year...

"Oh, hey! I got this for your daughter!"

"Wow, she's growing taller!" (Stupid, I know I've never made an inch since Primary 6)

All these, clear signs of insincerity. I mean, if they were so downright sincere, why didn't they give little gifts to others? Their colleagues have children too, why not give them gifts? Why me? At my mum's office, I'm always the smartest, tallest, prettiest, gorgeous person there. Yet people who don't know me wouldn't give me a second glance. If I'm that perfect, don't you think the paparazzi would be all over me?

I hate being the semi boss, they treat me good to get a promotion, they treat me good to get a raise, but since when am I treated good for being myself? I dread stepping into the office on Fridays (earlier school dismissal), the staffs will all still be there. Once I step in they'll go all high-pitched saying, "Oh, look! Here's Madam Julie's daughter! Awww!"


You know, the next time I get a job, I'll know what NOT to do - shower my boss's kid with goodies. You know my future boss's kid, I know exactly how you feel *pats imaginary back*

And my mum says, "Privileged kids don't know how to appreciate."


You know about my previous posts on how I hate studying Chinese language? Now I've totally changed my mind (not the part where I have to memorize 260 idioms for SPM, of course). Studying that language isn't so bad after all, the second worst part has passed, which is my primary school times, and now the last obstacle is waiting! SPM! All I have to do is bear that 260 idioms for another about 4 months, THEN I'M FREE! And I'll be recognized as somebody who can speak and write in 3 languages, and speak 2 dialects in China (Hokkien and Cantonese actually, although I only know some basics for Cantonese, and don't understand what people are saying half of the time :D).

The reason why I have this sudden change of mind is because my Chinese language teacher introduced to us a new university that is going to be opened in Malaysia. It is ranked the 4th best university in China, and even the natives are having a hard time trying to apply to study there. What's better is that - it is compulsory for all students to study in ShangHai for their last year. STILL NEED TO MAKE COMPULSORY MEH? No need to force also I go :D Then maybe I can use this opportunity to penetrate China's market, and then make money, and be rich, and... and...

AND! This is what I call a truely privileged person, not because I'm the kid of a boss, because I'm capable of balancing 3 languages, 3 science subjects, 2 math subjects, history, EST and still having "very good moral values", in a normal-sized human brain! I'm not a genius, I'm not one of the smartie gang, but I'm definitely more privileged. I admit that I don't score good grades for the science subjects, like I said, I'm no genius; but, who says I'm gonna pursue something that I'm not interested in anyway? :D

I just don't think that it is necessary to study hard for something that I don't like, for instance, my science subjects. I wouldn't wanna lose my fun little teenagerhood just to be at the top 10, I know many others who would, but just not me. Maybe I prefer to be like every other teenager and stick with the late hand-ins and rules breaking :) Don't get me wrong, I ain't no big-time rules breaker, but some rules are meant to be broken, so I did just that! Don't look at me with that stare, don't tell me you haven't broken any rules before?

Then again, maybe that's how I stopped myself from being that little emo girl I was years ago. I changed my lifestyle, I changed my perception of school, I changed what I think is more beneficial to me mentally and emotionally. I changed my views on life. I ain't one of the top-scorers like I was before, yet I am undeniably happier. I don't get stressed up on a B anymore. Not even on a C now. I simply just pay more attention, that's all I need for a happy life, and that is how it is meant to be for me, for my life :)