Jul 28, 2008


Scribbled by Angelina

Quarrelling. Seems to run in the family. Is it because of the surname QUAH? Quahrellings.

It makes me sad that I always have quarrels with my mum. She just doesn't want to admit that she is in the wrong and the word "sorry" does not exist in her vocabulary. Every time something goes wrong, the finger points to me, the shouting is towards me, and the blame is put on me. Sometimes it makes me wonder, if I am dead, will all these still happen? Is it only then she will realise that I am not the cause of her "misery"?

Another quarrel, yesterday. With the tone sounding like I murdered someone, she blamed me for something she THOUGHT she asked me to do, which she didn't, and after I told her, she did not believe me. Then the you-should-know speech started, and again, my fault. And being the innocent party, I REFUSE to speak or look at her. Well, that's my way of "showing my temper".

Later that night, well, according to my stepfather; she told him that she was sad about my attitude, bla bla bla. And today, I still refuse to initiate any communication with her. And just now, my stepfather gave me a lecture on how I'm supposed to give in BECAUSE I'M THE DAUGHTER.


Of course, I refuse to give in. Then, he started talking about respect. For your information, I RESPECT WITH A REASON LOR! You don't respect me, for what I respect you? I am also a human with feelings, not a wall for you to scream at when you're in a bad mood. Then, he started saying about her not feeling well and stuff, and that maybe all the symptoms "are caused by a growth". Oh, so using death to threaten me now la? Then I also can say, I got depression, I MIGHT SUICIDE ANY MOMENT SO APPRECIATE ME MORE!

And I remember some email she sent me a couple of weeks ago telling me that I was rude. If I am rude, then her? One sentence can kill a man? Hypocrite.

This post is not to show any disrespect or whatsoever, but sometimes she is just too much, and there is just so much I can stand. I need a place to voice out my dissatisfaction and opinions, and thus the existence of my blog.

~ Angelina