Nov 28, 2008


Scribbled by Angelina

SPM is finally over. And I'm not impressed with what I've done. But what the heck, what's done is done. Now I'm facing a transition, an age transition, from teenagerhood to adulthood. I prefer to see it as a successful escape from the Dark Ages, the age where people are forced to do things they hate, like studying. I don't mind studying actually, I can even love it, it's just that I hate studying what I'm forced to study, and not what I like. But then, what the heck again, it's over!

AND... I'm due for national service at the end of this year. Gotta report in on the 27th of December. My camp's at Melaka, on a Chempedak Mountain (Bukit Chempedak). Too bad it's not Bukit Rambutan - I'M A HUGE RAMBUTAN FAN!

Feeling lazy, might update again somewhere before 27th of December. Ciao.

~ Angelina