Dec 7, 2008

Who are we?

Scribbled by Angelina

Things are not always what it seems to be. True. Are people always who they seem to be? I don't think so. I personally am incapable of expressing myself through words of mouth, though the thought exists. However, by putting thoughts into words, such as this post, makes expression possible. I wish I were better in words vocally, however, because I fail to communicate myself well to others, and I think that it has caused anger build-up. I think I need to join some anger management programme or something, because my blood seem to boil with the simplest spark of fire. I just feel so... angry at times. Maybe my blog is the perfect dose of medicine!

Every time we see a smile on someone's face, do we ever stop to wonder if the same smile is in the person's heart? No. Usually we assume that what we see is the truth. And sometimes we get highly jealous of that assumed truth, or in some cases, make more assumptions out of the assumed truth. For instance, if you are trying to beat someone in the sense of wealth (without the knowledge of that person), displayed through actions and not words, such as working towards buying a bigger car than the person; and one day that person comes to you with a smiling face and chats at usual, while still having a bigger car than you, what do you think is the reason behind that smile? Is it a I'm-so-happy-to-see-you smile? Is it a I'm-just-having-a-good-day smile? Or is it a I'm-still-better-than-you-smile? Actually, either of them has the same possibility and probability of truth than the others, but the urge of trying to beat that person usually clouds your thoughts, automatically making the third reason your assumed truth. Isn't it fascinating how the human mind works? From just a plain smile, so many meanings can be derived from it, and there are a million and one possible reactions to the derived meanings.

Ahh... Isn't simplicity waaaay too complex to understand? :)

~ Angelina