Jan 2, 2009

The Reason Why

Scribbled by Angelina

Okay, so I promised to update on my chicken pox condition. The reason why they asked my family to bring me from Melaka all the way back to Selangor is this:

Horrible, I know.

They were ALL OVER my face. And there are a few in my eye. I could hardly open them. They're also all over my throat and mouth. Had to have a liquid diet for a few days.

Due to my hideousness, I cannot face anyone. I get stared at everywhere I go. I think people must've been thinking that I contracted some kind of dangerously infectious skin disease or something. Therefore, I disguised myself:

Cool huh? ;D

The above pictures were days ago. About two days after I return from camp. And this is a picture I took just minutes before this post:

Still hideous, but not as hideous as when the poxes were still fresh.

And when a girl has her beauty robbed from her, you don't wanna go near her. Cause she's gonna be dangerous. Waaaaaay too dangerous for you to handle. Rawr!

And now in the story of Beauty and the Beast, the Beast changed its sex.

P.S.: I'm going back to national service tomorrow, which is Saturday. Gotta be there before 5.30pm.

~ Angelina