May 5, 2009

Another Rant *hums*

Scribbled by Angelina

The human rant:

I hate humans.

Need a reason? No worries. I have tonnes. Humans are pesky, hypocritical, self-worshipping, money-minded, hard-headed creatures that are currently destroying the earth because they are pesky, hypocritical, self-worshipping, money-minded and hard-headed.

And yeah, by using the term "human", I'm referring to myself too, no need for those "what about you?" comments.

The parent rant:
I think I want to stop socializing. And I mean like cutting off all the cheesy smiles and insincere wavings. Because my mum thinks that I treat other people better than her. She thinks I love my friends more than I love her.

But, cut the drama, how the hell do I treat her like a normal person when she's acting like, I don't know, funny? Is that the right term to use? Every time I talk to her; well, fine, 80% of the time; I can't get a decent answer out of her.

Me: And so just now at school, my friends and I were... *talks about school*
Her: Mm hmm.
Me: *finally done* So, where are we going later?
Her: Mm hmm.
Me: Should I just go and die?
Her: Mm hm... What? What were you saying? Sorry I didn't catch that.

AND SHE THINKS THAT I DON'T MAKE AN EFFORT? I mean, if I talk to much about myself, then fine. But what about the other things? Like asking what are we eating later, or what are we going do after that? All "mm hmm", "mm hmm", and "mm hmm". And then she would blame me that I talk to her when her mind is the busiest like I read minds. Then, she'll go on and on and on about how she'll go about her business, how is this going, how is that going and how I should be helping her.

She doesn't listen to what I say, and expects me to listen to her?

I'm fed up already.

The self rant:
None. What? I said I was human.

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Good Boy In Charge said...

good grief of god. its a well written post :)