Aug 21, 2009

People of Malaysia

Scribbled by Angelina

My lecturer was one of many to declare their distaste of their own country, our country, Malaysia.

My classmates told us stories of how non-Malays were humiliated in public in their National Service camp.

Many of my friends with constant outstanding results were denied scholarships from the government.

Any many, many more.


So many have voiced their opinions on the racial discrimination happening in Malaysia.

Frankly, I've heard about it, read about it, but never felt it.

And I'm a Chinese.

In fact, I LOVE all the races in Malaysia. Don't ask me why.

I get a warm, fuzzy feeling when people of other races treat me nicely.

Once, there was this Indian cleaner lady at the parking lot near my college where I parked my car. As I got down, she waved and smiled at me and greeted me a "good morning". I smiled back and returned the greetings. What's more, it was the first time we met.

Today, as I was going back, a Malay resident in my neighbourhood was just walking out of her house to her car. I gave her a tiny smile, and she returned a nice, warm one.

Oh, right! One more thing! When I was in National Service, I called out to one of my Malay trainers to ask about the schedule. She replied, "Ya, sayang?" ("Yes, dear?" in English)

I think that people of other races are really sweet to me. I really don't know how people in some places can fight because of their skin colour like there's no tomorrow.

Personally, I've never heard people insulting people of the other race. Though, I've heard of some other people's experiences.


I think that generally, most Malaysians want to live peacefully. As long as not provoked or hate-incited by the government, I think Malaysia will be a really peaceful place to live in.

So, in conclusion:
Do I dislike the current government? Yes.
Do I dislike Malaysia? No.
Do I like Malaysia enough to want to stay and contribute to the country? No, as of yet.

~ Angelina