Dec 5, 2009


Scribbled by Angelina

So I've done a lot for you. And what do I get? Five seconds of "wow-what-a-good-job-thank-you-very-much"? Well, that ain't enough for me. And that's not because I'm demanding. In fact, if you do a survey, I'd probably be one of the least demanding daughters in the world (extremely poor countries aside).

I don't drag you into clothing stores just because I saw a shirt I wanted. At most I would give it a longing look, sigh a little in my heart and walk on. My allowances are all spent STRICTLY on food and petrol only, even though you did not put a control on me. I drive to and from college ONLY, I don't stop by a mall, or a friend's house. I don't really go out with friends, and I don't date. I finish all my homework on time. And even though I complain a little, I still study for all my exams and - not to boast, but - I'm one of the best among my friends and the whole intake. Heck, I don't even sms/call anyone unless there is an emergency or a question I need to resolve. I have more than RM200 credit left in my phone to prove that point.

I don't even behave like other girls would - I don't go for facials, I don't buy makeup, I don't go for manicures/pedicures, I don't even paint my nails myself. I've never asked to perm my hair or go for a "rebonding" treatment. Plus, I've never went for tuition classes in my life before. Because 1) I don't need to, and 2) you wouldn't let me. My "maintenance" cost, I would say, is considerably lower than what it would have been for other children/teenagers.

I know you too have done a lot for me, and I appreciate that. I really do. But I feel as though that feeling is not mutual. Every time I give you a hug, you ask me not to disturb you. I think that you take me as a nuisance at your side, for what reason I do not know.

I feel that the only time you ever approach me is when you need help. And when I don't feel like it, you'd go on and on about how I never helped you in your work and demand a lot. And you'd tell me off for complaining. In the end, I'd end up doing your job for you. And even then, I'd do it with much care and concentration, not some quality-lacked work even though I really don't want to do it.

Speaking of demand, the only thing I asked for this year was a mobile phone. Even that was not my request - you offered to buy me one, reason being my 6-year-old phone couldn't stand a day without charging. I don't ask for new phones every year just to "keep up with the trend". I don't take my phone out and flash it to my friends to make them gape in awe. I use it for its main purpose only - phone calls and smses.

No, I'm not the kind of person who wants to live a simple village life and rear chickens. I do have things I really want, and my wishlist is long and expensive. The point is - I don't ask for them. Well, part of the reason is due to the fact that I know you wouldn't buy them for me, not even on my birthday. I might be wrong though, cause I've never tried. If I ever do, chances are my guess would be correct.

I would say that both you and I are misers. It's okay to save on money, but why are you so stingy with your gratefulness and love?

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troisnyx* said...

Amen to that !
I'm going through the same turmoil as you are on that one.