Jul 6, 2007

Boy or Girl?

Scribbled by Angelina

Seriously, would you rather be a guy or a girl? Forget about what people would say, which would you choose? Personally, I find that there are a lot of disadvantages of being a girl. But I'd still rather be a girl because girls are more INTELLIGENT! Wahahaha! No offence to guys, you all are equally smart, just that most of you are lazy to put your brains to good use :P

But being a girl is quite ma fan too. Why?

  1. Menstruation. Freaking hate this time of the month. We have to suffer from mood swings, pain and discomfort :(
  2. Security issues. We have to take precaution of perverted men all the time!
  3. Wasting a lot of time to make ourselves look good. Can't be avoided if you're a girl.
  4. Double D's a.k.a. BOOBS. Some hate theirs because they want them bigger. I hate it because it's friggin' annoying especially when I run or jump -_-"
  5. Some people still look down on females these days. Yes, the society has changed but some minds still remain the same.
  6. Weaker in nature. I wanna be strong and muscular! (Explains why I turned my friend into a punching bag =X)
  7. Babies. They're so freaking huge. Why can't we lay eggs instead?
Guys should bear part of the burden, you know. I'd love it if they can help with the last point. BEAR BABIES. Don't worry, there's always cesarean delivery :)

~ Angelina