Jul 8, 2007

Live Life... Again

Scribbled by Angelina

Suppose you could re-live your life. What would you change? Which decisions would you alter? Missed opportunities, broken promises, regretful choices, and life-saving decisions. Perhaps you would decide to travel to exotic places that you have never been before, or try treating your family members and friends better. Unfortunately, no matter how long your list is now, it's now too late. The missed opportunities have been missed, broken promises have been broken, regretful choices have been made and lives might have been lost. As days dwindle, as time flies by, all you can do is contemplate about what-if's and live to indemnify the bad decisions you have made.

But the most important question still lies - Are you happy with your life? Because every bad decision you made or negative situation that you have gone through is absolutely necessary to bring you to this point. If you were to remake these decisions, you might not experience what you need to experience, and make the mistakes you must make.

I was meant to go to a Kebangsaan school. Yet my mum changed her mind and sent me to a Chinese school. What if I was sent to a Kebangsaan school? How will I fare? What kind of friends would I meet? What kind of life would I live? The different environment, different teachers, different people. I might and might not be where I am right now. Though not as perfect, I am happy with my current situation. Re-living my life and going to a Kebangsaan school is just too much a risk to take. What about art stream with the subjects I like most? What if I chose art stream over science stream? What will happen? I took science stream for the benefits of it, but with the subjects I don't like. It's a decision made, a risk taken but not necessarily a mistake made. Let's see how it'll turn out it the end.

~ Angelina