Jul 10, 2007

Where Is The Communication?

Scribbled by Angelina

Being screamed at again, by someone who always say "communication is important", by someone who reads books about communication, by someone who actually trains her staff about communication. Well, that's my mum.

Mum: Eat your rice.
Me: So can I go home after eating?
Mum: *starts screaming* What do you mean about that? You mean if I don't fetch you home you don't eat la?! Where got people like you one?!!
Get what I mean when I said that she makes counterfactual assumptions? Such a simple question, such a deafening scream. So yeah, I basically get blamed for being unreasonable, rude, ungrateful and such for almost every normal thing I say.

She didn't talk to me after I said that she was being absurd herself. I don't know if she still thinks that I meant the "other" meaning, or simply doesn't want to admit that she is wrong. Since they say silence is golden, I guess having no communication at all is better than having bad communication. I mean real bad. At least I can put my eardrums to rest after vibrating so hard because of nags and screams.

And it makes me wonder, for a person who is really "good" in communication, is saying sorry really that tough? I don't even need you to say the word "sorry", all I want is for you to admit your mistake. Oh well, save your dignity. I don't care anymore. Another string of peaceful days for my ears :)

~ Angelina