Jul 18, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Everytime a ghost movie hits the cinemas, do you realize that there is something in common in EVERY of them?


This is discrimination! I demand to see guy ghosts. What's up with ghosts all being female? Or little kids? And what's with the long hair covering the face? And the flowing white gown? And the huge empty eyes?

Seriously, if I were a ghost, I'd comb my hair and wear beautiful clothing. I'll even get a stylish haircut, short maybe, and I'd still scare people cause I'm dead. I don't need to look like this to scare people:

I can even scare people with just my hair - I don't need even a touch of makeup!

WAHAHAHA! Beat that! :P

All I need is my baju kurung school uniform and untied hair. Yes, yes, you can start lining up and strike me a deal to star in the next horror movie. What? NO NEED MAKEUP LEH! Pro actress here! And it's not photoshopped too! Natural scariness! You can start calling me a narcissist.

Despite experiencing deja vu in the cinemas everytime a horror movie is released, I don't deny that I am a big fan of ghosts movies. Why? I don't know. Perhaps it's fun to predict when something is going to pop out of no where just by judging the sound effects and lightings? And those people who are frightened by ghosts in the movies are stupid, not the actor but the role they play. They either:
  1. Stay in a house they know is haunted.
  2. Venture into the dark ALONE. And why can't they on the lights? -_-
  3. Check out the place after hearing a noise, knowing that something is going to pop out.
  4. Like to split into individual groups when danger is lurking. My advise: "Together we stand, divided we fall."
Stupid, ain't it? But that's what that makes ghost movies scary. If a movie features a huge group of people successfully vanquishing a demon, it would be deemed as "not scary at all".

I used to shiver every time I walk into the toilet when I was little. Almost every little kid is afraid of toilets because of "ghosts". But then, what's with ghosts and toilets? Not like the toilet smells nice. I'd haunt a luxury suite if I were a ghost. No wait, I'd haunt the internet!!! Muahahahaha, BWAHAHAHAHA!! *ahem ahem* Angelina, please remember that ghosts don't exist.

Yes, I don't believe in ghosts. Why? Because I haven't seen one before. Or sensed one.

"See to believe."

~ Angelina