Jul 17, 2007


Scribbled by Angelina

Sorry for the long delay between the last post and this! *Does a 182 degrees bow* Sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Was really tired and busy after the camp, who wouldn't be after venturing into the forest every single day? Yes, with permission. I don't even have the time to sneak out cause we had a night-walk. Was soaked wet from head to toes every single day, who can resist that clear, cooling and irresistibly looking river? One thing I can say about Ulu Yam (or Bulu Ayam as we call it), it's COLD THERE! My guts were shivering until I couldn't even speak in the morning. Really la, my guts.

So back to topic. Grades. I looked at my primary school report card and suddenly saw the big mistake in our secondary examination grading system. They tend to emphasize on straight A's, and that is what students target. I remembered when I was in primary school, if I got 75% in any of my subjects, it is considered VERY low to my teachers, and I tend to get a scolding. Back then, our positions in class is based on our average marks. I got straight A's most of the time but my positions ranged from 10 to even 40 (we had about 50 students in each class). This motivates me to strive for the best in each and every subject.

However, if your position is based on how many A's you get, students tend to aim for the number 75.

Take this for an example:

  1. Student A takes 11 subjects, got straight 1A's with marks of 75% each.
  2. Student B takes 12 subjects, got 11 1A's of 85% each, and a 2A of 74%.
Which of them is more likely to get a scholarship? The one with straight 1A's! This is why students strive for GOOD GRADES instead of excellence. You might get first in the class with just an average score of 75% in secondary school. Whereas for me, I was at the 38th position in class with an average score of 86% when I was in primary school. Now which is more motivating? Good enough grades or perfection?

Now I wonder why we take so many subjects and become the Jack of all trades, and the Master of none. We're not going to have 12 jobs later in life anyway. So many things to concentrate on simply pulls us further and further from our main interest, uncertain of what we really want to pursue.

~ Angelina